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Subversion Binaries and Build Scripts

The Subversion project is very active in publishing regular releases but does not officially endorse or maintain any binary packages of the Subversion software. Instead, you can download binaries from volunteers, including CollabNet which provides Subversion binaries for Windows, Red Hat Linux and Solaris. The advantage of this volunteer system is that Subversion is available for many platforms but the disadvantage is that for certain platforms the availability of Subversion binaries has been spotty or has not stayed in sync with Subversion releases.

The goal of the SVNbinaries project on openCollabNet is to create binaries for a wide range of platforms and ensure continuity through the support of a community, rather than individuals. Next to creating Subversion binaries we will work on improving build scripts and we'll ensure that bindings for many languages are available for download.

Downloading the Subversion Binaries

This project is community-driven and if you are interested in the downloads that are created by the community, go to the downloads section of openCollabNet for the latest binaries available.  Previous releases of the binaries provided by the SVNBinaries project are available as well.


Do you have binaries, bindings or build scripts that you would like to contribute? Would you like to get involved by improving other peoples' contributions to this project? Find out more here.

Cool forum post The SVNbinaries discussion forum is our main place to communicate with each other.

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The layout of our project pages is very straightforward.

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Project facilitators

The facilitators of this project is Mark Phippard. You can reach us at