What's here

You can download the AIX binaries from openCollabNet.

Below is an overview of the repository contents associated with building the AIX Subversion binary:

instructions.txt: These are the notes and instructions I used to build the AIX Subversion binary.

README: This includes all important information about installation and the tools used to build the binary. 

What Is Currently Available

The following are the main features of the AIX Subversion Binary:

  • Latest Subversion: The binary is built against the latest release of Subversion. (1.4.6)
  • Subversion Apache Modules: The Subversion Apache modules are included in the binary. (2.2.x)
  • Subversion Bindings: The Python Subversion bindings are included in the binary.
If you are interested in contributing, send us an email.


Released binaries are in the downloads section on openCollabNet.

Non-released binaries and bindings for AIX are in the documents and files section of this project.

The source code for all notes, instructions, scripts and related materials used for creating the AIX Subversion binary are here: