How to get involved

The Subversion Binaries project on openCollabNet just got started and we are actively looking for people who want to participate. Over time the community will drive how people can get involved but for now we are following a process that is similar to a typical open source community: you contribute something to the community, if it is accepted and considered good you get more involved and eventually you get write access to the repository, issue tracker and other tools used in the community (you've become a committer).

If you have binaries, bindings or build scripts that you would like to contribute, this is how to process works:

  • Send us an email with what you are planning to contribute. We'll get back to you and if we like the idea will create a space on the SVN binaries project where we will post your work.
  • Other people can download it and test it out. If feedback is good and you promise to actively manage the project, we'll give you write access to the SVNBinaries project.
  • We'll invite more people to join your project so we can put some collective intelligence behind it and ensure continuity.

What are we looking for

CollabNet makes Subversion available for Red Hat Linux, Windows and Solaris. The SVNbinaries project currently adds Subversion binaries for Mac OS X. We are looking for client and server binaries for all other platforms, bindings for all applicable platforms and languages and specially build scripts so the community can improve your work, create binaries with different dependencies and ensure continuity.

Discussion forum

Cool forum post The SVNbinaries discussion forum is our main place to communicate with each other.